HRZZ Research Project

Galois geometry and coherent configurations

GalGeKo - 5713

1/1/2021 - 31/12/2025

University of Rijeka, Department of Mathematics



Department of Mathematics



The main objective of this project is to make significant contributions to several different areas of mathematics in the field of discrete and combinatorial mathematics, especially to the studies of Galois geometry and coherent configurations and finite incidence structures connected with them. We will focus on developing methods of construction of combinatorial structures that are relying on Galois geometry and coherent configurations. We will construct, analyse and describe structures obtained from finite groups, especially geometrical groups for which deep study in Galois geometry is crucial. We will try to establish new perspective group and make invaluable results in the mentioned fields using new modern approach to the study of these structures especially in the area of Galois geometry that discrete structures are part of. The project will mostly deal with the interplay between Galois geometry and combinatorial structures and their connection to coherent configurations.


Principal Investigator:

Andrea Švob (University of Rijeka, Department of Mathematics), e-mail:



Ana Grbac (University of Rijeka, Department of Mathematics)

Nina Mostarac (University of Rijeka, Department of Mathematics)

Tin Zrinski (University of Rijeka, Department of Mathematics)





  • A. ┼ávob, Transitive distance-regular graphs and related codes, The 4th Workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory and its Applications, Akademgorodok, Russia, March 1 - 7, 2021.