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In 2013, Borka Frančišković graduated from the Graduate University Study of Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. She works at the Zagrebačka Bank in Zagreb as a quantitative credit risk analyst, which includes work on the development, improvement and implementation of systems related to credit risk parameters. She is also responsible for calculation of internal capital and application of stress tests for credit risk.

About the completed study says: "... Graduate University Study Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, apart from qualifying for mathematics and other science studies, also provides the necessary knowledge to carry out optimization and application of statistics, applicable in various branches of economy such as banking. Courses of Discrete mathematics, on which basis development of models for measuring credit risk parameters is built on, encourage the development of logical thinking and strategies for dealing with wide-ranging problems. Also, we have the benefit of seminars through the whole course of study, which have enabled us to explain a subject to the interlocutor in a clear and easy way. "

In 2014, Hana Rizvić graduated from the Graduate University Study of Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. After completing her studies, she was employed at iOLAP Coadria in Rijeka. She first worked as a Business Intelligence Developer, and later on continued her career as a Data Scientist, at the same company.

About the completed study says: " ... almost all of mathematical tasks at my work are solved through R and Python programs. My math studies are used mostly as a theoretical basis for the work I am doing today .... I use the knowledge acquired at courses such as Database and Probability and Statistics, the programming I have taught through courses such as Introduction to Design Theory and Permutation Group ... to re-enroll my studies today, I would study the same."

Tin Zrinski has obtained his master's degree in Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications in 2016. After graduation, he was hired as a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Mathematics, University of Rijeka. He enrolled in the joint PhD program in Mathematics, held by J.J.Strossmayer University of Osijek, Univerity of Rijeka, Univerity of Split and University of Zagreb. He is a member of the Finite Mathematics Seminar at the Department of Mathematics, University of Rijeka and his research interest is in the field of discrete and combinatorial mathematics.

About the completed study says: „The graduate study programme Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications at the Department of Mathematics trains students for different types of jobs in the field of mathematics, but also in the field of informatics. For me, this programme opened up the possibility of further advancement in the field of mathematics, through the doctoral study I enrolled in as a part of the research and teaching assistant position at the Department of Mathematics. Also, these studies have qualified me to engage in research work in discrete mathematics, a fulfilling part of my job in which I apply the knowledge acquired throughout the study, in particular the programming skills and the use of computer for the purpose of solving mathematical problems. Another part of my job is passing on my own knowledge to new generations of students, where the experience of holding various seminars during the study has proved helpful. I also participate in workshops whose purpose is popularization of mathematics for students in elementary and high schools where we try to bring closer to the students some mathematical topics which are not part of their school curriculum. I recommend to enroll in this study because it opens up the possibility of quick employment in creative and dynamic jobs of different profiles.“