The Department of Mathematics has 31 employees, 20 of which are PhDs (11 are holding tenure track positions), an MSc and two administrative employees. Since its establishment in 2008 14 employees of the Department have obtained a Ph.D. degree in mathematics.

Employees of the Department participate (in roles such as principal investigator, researchers, postdocs or doctoral students) in 13 projects.


Projects financedby the Croatian Science Foundation:

Bilateral projects: 

  • Designs, codes, graphs and cryptography - interdisciplinary approach to discrete structure analysis (principal investigator: Sanja Rukavina), bilateral project Načrti, kode, grafi in kriptografija interdisciplinarni pristop v analizi določenih diskretnih struktur (Univerza na Primorskem, Inštitut Andrej Marušič - principal investigator Enes Pasalic).

Potpora istraživanjima Sveučilišta u Rijeci:

  • Block designs, strongly regular graphs and related combinatorial structures (principal investigator: Dean Crnković)
  • Algebraic and analytic methods in number theory (principal investigator: Neven Grbac)
  • Mathematical and numerical modeling of the compressible micropolar fluid (principal investigator: Nermina Mujaković).

Initial support for research at University of Rijeka for young researchers 
  • Permutation groups as designs, geometrical designs, codes and finite geometries (principal investigator: Vedrana Mikulić Crnković), initial support for research at the University of Rijeka
  • Modeling and control of dynamic systems with application (principal investigator: Bojan Crnković), initial support for research at the University of Rijeka

Finished projects:

  • Cohomology of the arithmetic groups and automorphic forms (principal investigator: Neven Grbac, funded by Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft Republic of Austria).
  • Modeling anomalous diffusion by generalized Langeven, Fokker-Planck equations and fractional diffusion-wave equations (Anomalous diffusion) (principal investigator: Živorad Tomovski; NEWFELPRO project)

Department staff participate as researchers in the following projects :

  • Algebraic and combinatorial methods in vertex algebra theory (principal investigator: Drazen Adamović, financed by: Croatian Science Foundation)
  • Diophantinem-tuples, elliptic curves, Thue and index form equations (principal investigator: Andrej Dujella, financed by: Croatian Science Foundation)
  • Automorphic forms, representations, and applications (principal investigator: Goran Muić, financed by: Croatian Science Foundation)
  • StochasticMethods in Analytical and Applied Problems (principal investigator: Zoran Vondraček, financed by: Croatian Science Foundation)
  • Ecological modeling in coastal area of ​​the Gulf of Rijeka (principal investigator: Lado Kranjčević, financed by: University of Rijeka)
  • (Meta) cognitive, affective and motivational determinants of success in learning in different environments (principal investigator: Svetlana Kolić-Vehovac, financed by: University of Rijeka),
  • On A Data-Driven, Operator-Theoretic Framework for Space-Time Analysis of Process Dynamics (principal investigator: Maria Fonoberova; financed by: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (SAD))

The Department of Mathematics has three divisions.

The largest scientific conference organized by the Department was the Fifth Croatian Mathematical Congress 2012 (193 participants from 15 countries, six plenary sessions, eight invited lectures, 104 short communications, 15 poster presentations, three round tables on current topics in mathematics and mathematics education in Croatia) .