5th Croatian Mathematical Congress

June 18 - 21, 2012, Rijeka, Croatia


Short Communicatons


Dražen Adamović On explicit realization of logarithmic modules for certain vertex algebras
Andrea Aglić Aljinović Error bounds for approximations of the integral transforms in the complex domain
Maja Andrić Improvements of the composition rule for the Canavati fractional derivatives and applications to Opial-type inequalities
Ljiljana Arambašić Finite-dimensional Hilbert C*-modules
Tajana Ban Kirigin A Rewriting Framework for Activities Subject to Regulations
Senka Banić Jensen's inequality for functions superquadratic on the coordinates in a plane
Josipa Barić Integral inequalities for superquadratic functions on time scales
Nela Bosner GPU algorithms for solving shifted systems with multiple right-hand sides
Mladen Božičević Asymptotic K-character of nilpotent orbits
Ilko Brnetić Some New Opial type Inequalities
Franka Miriam Brueckler The Role of Mathematicians in Raising the Public Awareness of Mathematics
Franka Miriam Brueckler The Ability of Contemporary University Students to Solve 18th Century High School Word Problems
Zvonimir  Bujanović Ritz values of normal matrices
Tomislav Burić Asymptotic expansions of the multiple quotients of the gamma functions
Marijana Butorac Combinatorial bases of principal subspaces for affine Lie algebra of type B2(1)
Alexey Cheskidov Navier-Stokes and Euler equations: a unified approach to the regularity problem
Ambroz Čivljak Generalizations of Ostrowski inequality involving real Borel measures
Aleksandra  Čižmešija The Trigonometric Functions - Concept Images of the First-Year Students of Mathematics Education at the Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
Andrijana Ćurković Effective equation modeling the unsteady interaction of fluid flow in a thin channel with an elastic plate
Blaženka Divjak Mathematical proof and students' beliefs about counterexample at non-mathematical facult
Tomislav Došlić On the diameter and some related invariants of fullerene
Ivan Dražić 3-D flow of a compressible viscous micropolar fluid with spherical symmetry: a local existence theorem
Andrej Dujella On Hall's conjecture
Zlatko Erjavec On Parallel Surfaces in $\mathbf{\widetilde{SL(2,\mathbb{R})}}$ geometry
Iva Franjić Refinements of the lower bounds of the Jensen functional
Neven Grbac Eisenstein cohomology and Franke filtration
Marcela Hanzer Applications of Eisenstein series in construction of automorphic representations
Dijana Ilišević Derivations, automorphisms and elementary operators
Borka Jadrijević On the minimal index and indices of the form 2a3b in a parametric family of bicyclic biquadratic felds
Julije Jakšetić Exponential convexity method
Dragana Jankov Integral Representations of Functional Series with Members Containing Jacobi Polynomials
Miroslav Jerković Quasi-particle fermionic formulas for (k,3)-admissible configurations
Mirela Jukić Bokun Elliptic curves over quadratic fields with fixed torsion subgroup and positive rank
Matija Kazalicki Modular forms, de Rham cohomology and congruences
Nikola Koceić Bilan Algebraic approach to the (coarse) shape path connectedness
Biserka Kolarec Extensions of product systems
Vjekoslav Kovač Boundedness of some Multilinear Singular Integrals via Dyadic Martingales
Sanja Kovač Error bounds for weighted twopoint open and semi-open quadrature rules
Domagoj Kovačević Kappa-Minkowski spacetime, kappa-Poincaré Hopf algebra and realizations
Jadranka Kraljević Strong and weak solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations with strong dependence on the gradient
Vedran Krčadinac Large symmetric configurations in translation planes
Danijel Krizmanić Functional limit theorem for moving average processes
Mario Krnić Multidimensional Hilbert-type inequality on the weighted Orlicz spaces
Kristina Krulić Himmelreich On refined Hardy-type inequalities with fractional integrals and fractional derivatives
Ivana Kuzmanović Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula for Sylvester and T-Sylvester equation
Goran Lešaja Infeasible Full-Newton-Step Interior-Point Method for Linear Complementarity Problems
Neda Lovričević Superadditivity of some Jensen-type functionals
Senka Maćešić Backward-in-time Probabilistic Method Applied to the Golf of Mexico Oil Spill
Josip Matejaš The Kogbetliantz Method is Accurate
Vlasta Matijević Covering maps over solenoids
Jadranka Mićić Hot Operator inequalities involving real convex functions
Siniša Miličić Linear singular differntial equations in Banach space and nonrectiable attractivity in two-dimensional linear differential systems
Suzana Miodragović The Rotation of Eigenspaces of Perturbed Matrix Pairs
Anamari Nakić Tight sets on the Hermitian variety H(2r+1, q2)
Ivica Nakić Generalized Eigenvalue Problems with Specified Eigenvalues
Padraig Ó Catháin Symmetric designs, difference sets and Hadamard matrices
Mario Osvin Pavčević Kramer-Mesner method enhancements
Mervan Pašić Some new kinds of attractivity for nonautonomous differential systems
Zlatko Pavić Jensen's, chord's, and Mercer's inequality
Igor Pažanin Asymptotic analysis of micropolar fluid flow through a thin pipe
Jurica Perić Remarks on the paper "Jensen's inequality and new entropy bounds" of S. Simić
Ozren Perše Conformal embeddings of affine vertex operator algebras
Joao Pita Costa Coset laws for skew lattices
Dora Pokaz A new Boas-type inequality for monotone convex functions
Marjan  Praljak On potential inequality for convex functions
Mirko Primc Combinatorial bases of some representations of symplectic Lie algebras
Gordan Radobolja Representations over Virasoro algebra with infinite multiplicities
Goran Radunović Relative zeta functions of fractal sets in Euclidean space
Rajna Rajić The Birkhoff-James orthogonality in Hilbert C*-modules
Maja Resman ε-neighbourhoods of orbits and formal classification of parabolic diffeomorphisms
Mirna Rodić Lipanović n-exponential convexity for Jensen-type inequalities
Kristian Sabo Cluster stability in a partition and applications
Nikola Sandrić Recurrence and transience property for stable-like Markov chains
Jelena Sedlar On augmented eccentric connectivity index of graphs and trees
Humberto Silva Rafeiro Grand grand Morrey spaces and boundedness of some classical operators
Loredana Simčić Self-orthogonal codes constructed from orbit matrices of block designs
Ivana Slamić Linear independence and sets of uniqueness
Siniša  Sljepčević Delsarte's Method in Number Theory
Ksenija Smoljak Stolarsky type means related to generalizations of Steffensen's and Gauss' inequality
Ivan Soldo The problem of existence of Diophantine quadruples in $\mathbb{Z}[\sqrt{-2}]$
Milena Sošić Computation of constants in multiparametric algebras of noncommutative polynomials
Leo Storme Erdös-Ko-Rado theorems in finite classical polar spaces
Dragutin  Svrtan Intrinsic Geometry of Cyclic Polygons via "New" Brahmagupta Formula
Tomislav Šikić Rogers-Ramanujan type identities for level one affine symplectic Lie algebras
Marija Šimić Horvath On Classication of Conic Sections in the Pseudo-Euclidean Plane
Andrea Švob On some transitive combinatorial structures constructed from the unitary group U(3,3)
Kristijan Tabak Norm invariance method and applications
Petra Tadić On the injectivity of the specialization homomorphism
Assen Tchorbadjieff Probability estimation of branching processes in atmosphere cosmic ray cascades
Goran Trupčević Combinatorial bases of principal subspaces for affine lie algebra of the type Cl(1)
Anđa Valent Classification of discrete series of groups GSp(2n,F)
Stipe Vidak Geometry of pentagonal quasigroups
Vladimir Vladičić Solving inverse problems by means Fourier analysis
Domagoj Vlah Fractal properties of Bessel equation
Antun Vrdoljak The role of visualisation in the development of an effective classroom technique for teaching numerical algebra
Damir Vukičević Complex networks
Tanja Vučičić On the number of primitive designs on projective line and their antiflag-transitivity
Ana Vukelić Montgomery's identities for function of two variables
Nikica Uglešić A complete ultrametric on pro*-morphism sets
Darko Žubrinić Lapidus zeta functions of fractal sets and applications
Darko Žubrinić William Feller - distinguished Croatian-American mathematician
Vesna Županović Multiplicity of fixed points and growth of ε-neighborhoods of orbits